2016 Subaru Legacy 2.5i – Sedan

I’ve had a lot of cars over the years and this is my favorite out of all of them. I liken the Subaru to one of the best hidden great cars out there. I mean – they seemed a bit off to me and and I didn’t think about even looking at them. My boys told me I should check them out. My older boy bought a Subaru BRZ – a super great and fast car.

The Legacy model has great performance thanks to the boxer engine and all wheel drive (AWD). Great pickup at the light as well as when passing someone. The car drives incredibly well around corners. Winter driving is fun when there is a lot of snow.

The car feels solid from the closing of the door to handling.

The interior is comfortable and surprisingly spacious. The trunk, as expected from a Subaru, is very spacious as well. I cannot believe how much I can fit into it!

I really like all the technology that makes the car fun to use. I plug in my iPhone to the USB adapter, however, a person can easily use the Bluetooth option. My favorite technology is the auto temperature for the heating and A/C. I just set the temperature and it takes care of everything. I know a lot of cars have this but they don’t work as well as a Subaru.

I would say the only knock is it could do a better job of connecting iPhones in terms of the display. For example with Spotify you can see the band name but it doesn’t display the song name or times. A minor issue. Same for Subaru’s iPhone app – it needs a little help. I am not sure what is going on between Apple and Subaru but I wish they would work better together. The Subaru and Android works a bit better.

If you get a chance – rent a Subaru during your next trip. You will be surprised how great they are.

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