2016 Mustang GT Premium Review and Comparison

I drove Lexus/Toyota/Honda all my life. The dependability was just too much to pass up. Then I bought a 2016 Mustang GT Premium. I honestly have to say it is the first car that put a smile on my face like a kid that just got a bicycle for Christmas. Even my wife that drives the Lexus I bought her for our 20th anniversary, bellowed out WOWWWWW!!! when she drove it. It honestly has so much technology (make sure you get navigation) it will take me weeks to figure out all the tech. The sound system is great. Yes, you can get a $4,000 system that will blow it away, but to be able to not have to run wires, pull door panels off, lay upside down for a week, tune the system, and HOPE it sounds like a $4k system is your choice, but for $1,795 for the 401A package I have a 12 speaker Shaker stereo included and I am completely satisfied. The only downside is keeping from going too fast all the time, but the feel of that V8 is breathtaking. My bottom line is that American car makers have been beat down by Honda/Toyota for so long, they completely have come a long way. This is a way of not only having a great car, but supporting the American economy. It’s time we bought our American cars again. This Mustang blew me away, I never felt that with Lexus or Toyota. The new SYNC3 system takes some getting used to, but to be able to talk to your car and have it navigate where you want, find the nearest gas station, call someone and more with your hands on the wheel is spectacular. Don’t take my word for it, drive a Toyota/Honda then drive a Mustang. You will have a blast. Ford, you really came through this time.

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