2016 Mini Cooper S Review and Comparison

I have owned only Toyota Corolla during my 40+ years driving life. Mainly because of the reliability and zero maintenance, but also because I couldn’t bring myself into getting something other than what I knew would be a good car. This time around I had the means of finally purchasing a want more than a need. I truly love my Mini. It is the most fun I have had driving and although I have only had it a year, I can tell it will be with me for many many more. I purchased it knowing I would be having to take better care of it than any of my Corollas. Mini’s are not cars you just drive and stick in a garage.

My wife loved it! Traded it in after 70K miles (only because we needed 4 doors) for a 2012 Mini Countryman All4 automatic transmission. And, again loved it! Now that we no longer need 4 doors, we bought a 2016 Mini Coupe S 4 door manual transmission, and kept the Countryman for my daughter’s high school/college car. My wife insisted she get a manual transmission, since she missed the sportiness of the 2008 coupe. So, even though we’ll always have an F-150 for the “bigger jobs”, we’ll always have a Mini Cooper.

You have to care for it like a friend. Sounds silly, but you really do have to appreciate what you have when you get a Mini. They have such fun characteristics, it is best not to let the car get bored. hehe One plus I was not expecting, but every time I pass, or in front or behind another mini, the drivers seem to always wave. A rather friendly group of owners. Maybe we all know how happy each is. 😀


Dealer Suggested Retail $20,100.00 Used
Private Party Value $18,825.00 Used

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