2016 Kia Soul Review and Price

I bought my 2016 Kia Soul Base in November 2015. Honestly this car is the best value for your dollar of any new car sold today. First the good: Nice features with the electric power steering with three modes, bluetooth actually works well with the voice commands(much better than vehicles costing 3x more that I have used) 6 speed auto with manual mode reminds me of a BMW automatic, its actually that good.

Tons of head and leg room for its size. Quiet composed ride and handling. Interior build quality is very good for the price. Fun to drive. Now the bad: A/C compressor failed within the first year. Rattling sound started coming from the passenger side dash area, this took three trips to the dealer and the loss of my vehicle for almost 2 months combined to get it fixed(The issue was an improperly crimped piece of metal in the firewall that took an expert from Kia needing to fly in from Portland Oregon to fix.)

The touch pad for the rear hatch failed rendering it impossible to open the hatch, this took 3 weeks to source the parts(I blame the incompetent dealer for this) Overall with the issues I have had, I know this is not the norm for this car and combined with a incompetent dealer compounded my issues. Would I buy this car again, yes! Would I buy it from the same dealer, no way.

Dealer Suggested Retail $15,300.00 Used
Private Party Value $14,275.00 Used

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