2016 Honda Fit EX-L Review and Price

Lose the wiper blades and lose the wind-noise! I’ve had my LX for a month now, and have a little tip RE: wind noise. If you live in a seasonally dry climate like I do, take off the windshield wiper blades and put them with the spare tire. Wind noise after is about 1/3rd and you’ll pick up 3-5 mpg to boot.

On secondary highways here in the high desert north of LA I am averaging between 52 and 56 mpg driving 55-60 using the Econ mode, which is the speed limit, and about 45 mpg on I-15 at 70-75 mph.


For a “base” model car it’s crazy how many great features my Fit has. My radio has two buttons too, one for volume and one for tuning. It draws an old style linear radio dial on the display when using the knob to find stations, in addition to the search function and auto-scan function.


I finally decided to fill up the tank last night and had to go back into the gas station to get change for the $20 bill I put on deposit. I could only get $17.30 in it after a bit over 280 miles. 42 mpg average for a little over 6/10ths of a tank. Crazy gas mileage.


Dealer Suggested Retail $15,900.00 Used

Private Party Value $14,875.00 Used

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