2016 Honda Fit / 2011 Camry LE Comparison

I bought my Honda Fit in March of 2016 so I’ve had it for roughly 6 months now. I got rid of a 2011 Camry LE that belonged to my wife before it was passed to me.
I needed something with better gas mileage from getting a new job with a 37 mile commute each way to work. Also the Camry was a great car but not a good car for a mountain biker. I needed something with more room inside it that was more versatile.

The back seats lay down absolutely flat when you fold them forward which is hard to find in a car in this category. the gas tank is below the front seats which allows for the seat to come all the way down. With the tall roof line for such a small car, I can take the front wheel off my bike and mount it onto a fork mount carrier on a 2×4 and stand the car up in the back with the seat on the bike lowered. This keeps my gas mileage high on long road trips and is more secure for gas and food stops. Otherwise I put a receiver hitch on it for a bike rack that mounts in the receiver.

I have over 16,000 miles on it since March and have done plenty of road trips for mountain biking trips and camping. No issues with the car yet and the gas mileage since I bought the car in those 16,000 miles is sitting right at about 39.9 miles per gallon. I’m really pleased with that. The mileage I get on the interstate back and forth to work easily averages over 44 mpg, sometimes higher. I have had a few trips over 47 when I wasn’t using the AC and kept it at 65 mph. Power is ok for a small car, not great but it’s not bad. Small car like this and you have to expect that. The CVT transmission screams like mad when you really get on it. The engine noise can be loud when you really hit it, but not bad when just cruising along. The shifts are very smooth though.

The ride is not bad for a small car in this class. I test drove the Fiesta and Accent and the Versa. It’s more comfortable than those were, however it’s not as comfortable as my Camry was or my wife’s 2016 Mazda 6. If we do longer rode trips to Florida and New York, we take her car for comfort. If I’m taking my bike and it’s 4 or 5 hours or less drive, I take the Fit. I did get the EX-L with Navigation so the heated seats are nice in the morning in the winter here in North Carolina at 6 in the morning when I leave for work. I’m average height for a man so the driver’s position is fairly comfortable and the seats seem great for a few hours or less in the at a time. The center armrest is a tad low and can be annoying on a long trip. The handling is actually fairly good for a econ car. It’s not as crisp as the Ford Fiesta or the Mazda 3, but it’s better than the Versa or the Accent was. Also the AC actually works pretty well here in NC for the summer we’ve had which has been pretty hot. Not sure if it would be great in Nevada or Arizona, but I always keep the Econ mode on also for better gas mileage. When it’s on it maximizes the mpg so the AC gets tuned down a little bit from what I understand.


Besides the back seats folding flat which is great and the low load height of the hatch. Two of the things that pushed me to this car over the Mazda 3 which did ride smoother. The back seats fold up against the back seats like in the old Honda Element. This gives great cargo opportunities for some odd pieces which would be hard to put in a car outside of having a larger suv or a minivan.


The navigation works very nice and does route you around some larger slowdowns because of real time traffic monitoring. My Waze app is still better. The stereo is ok. Not real high end and is somewhat tinny sounding at times. My wife’s Mazda sound system blows this one away. The blue tooth however works excellent, sounds decent to the people that I call, and my passenger has no problem being heard by whoever I call. This is a problem in my wife’s 6 as the mic is on the driver’s side and is angled at the driver which makes it hard for the passenger to be heard. The blue tooth in her 6 takes a long time to pick up where as my Fit takes all of about ten seconds for the blue tooth to connect when I turn on the car to my Iphone 6. The only thing I don’t like about the stereo is the volume control on the head unit. Argh! Absolutely terrible as a touch screen control. I only ever use the volume control on the steering wheel so….eh. It is what it is, but there has been many complaints on reviews about it so maybe Honda will change it come a new model?

Pluses: excellent mpg, great cargo capacity, Honda reliability. Nice handling.
Minuses: Volume control, low armrest, somewhat harsh ride, engine noise can be loud

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