2016 Honda Accord Sport Review and Price

We purchased a 4 cyl. 2016 Accord EX-L about 9 months ago and have logged about 8K miles in it since, mostly highway driving but in hilly topography. We intentionally purchased the 4 cyl. version, which still achieves pretty decent acceleration in traffic when needed, especially if you use the “S” driving mode. The passenger roominess, huge trunk storage, overall quality, real-world fuel economy in the 30-35 mpg range(requiring only regular gas) are really superb, and the purchase price is affordable.

Beyond even this, in this and later model years Honda added a small shelf in the center stack and implemented the ability to plug a smart phone into the car’s system, which literally allows one of the car’s center screens to display either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

This means no more hefty costs for an auto factory navigation & infotainment system that is out-of-date the day the car is built — instead, run Google Maps using voice commands initiated from the car’s steering wheel, having instant access to your contact’s list and even speaking results to Google search requests made in your own voice while driving. Incredible! Honda just keeps making its vehicles better and better, all in a quiet way. Highly recommended.

Dealer Suggested Retail $19,250.00 Used
Private Party Value $18,250.00 Used

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