2016 Ford Fiesta S Review and Price

I have regularly driven each of my family members vehicles since I began driving, both manual and automatic. I decided to branch out and purchase my own vehicle. Let me say that I only had to test drive the manual 2016 Ford Fiesta Hatchback SE once and I knew I was going to be buying the vehicle.

Shifting in this car Compared to a 2006 Toyota Carola S that every time I am drive I am struggling to find a sweet spot for the clutch for takeoffs and shifting in general. I found that takeoffs during my one and only test drive of the vehicle, were phenomenal. Even with the four passengers it had in the car, it had the get up and go to take me into busy Lynnwood traffic without any hesitation, no bobbling of the engine, with a very responsive and controllable clutch. When I took the car off the lot by myself THAT very night, I could feel the car want to go even more.

Handling in this vehicle is 110% responsive. The Steering surpasses that of a 2008 Subaru Impreza, disregarding it’s obvious horsepower and drivetrain advantages, which has a lot of play in the steering wheel which is tedious and annoying when trying to accelerate through corners. The Subaru has automatic tiptronic shifting which is nice to have but doesn’t help improve its steering. If you read the other reviews on this vehicle, yes, it does really handle like it is on rails. I drive windy back roads to and from work every day. A round trip of 34.33 miles and I currently have 2069 miles since purchasing this fantastic car December 30th 2016. It will take near 90* corners at 30-40 miles an hour in almost any variant of gears, always watch your rpm’s in a manual, obviously. It’s bad to lug the engine, especially in a new vehicle.


Speaking of lugging the engine the only thing I have found to be of annoyance engine wise is that fifth gear is bad to be in under 40 miles an hour. That is when the rpms begin to drop for 5th gear and the engine begins to lug. I solved that problem AND improved their posted MPG’s by adjust my gears to speeds accordingly. I’m currently beating what they say their 12.4 gallon tank can do 27mpg city/ 35mpg hwy with my very own 30mpg city/ 40mpg hwy. Nothing PHENOMENAL, But this car will treat you right economically if you love it accordingly.

Enough about the positives, some of the annoyances, but things that are adjustable to- Only one USB port (has two 12v ports though), It is a SMALL car. When I do have all seats filled, I ask about the back seats and room quality. My friends approve that 4 people can fit comfortably, however long legged drivers do have to adjust accordingly for adult passengers. A huge Car seat does fit behind the drivers seat, but with me being 6’0 there was still some miniscule seat adjustment. I love the mood lighting affect in this car, a variety of colors that fill the foot wells and cup holders, but they will be an annoyance if they ever go out. I keep them off. Small center console. Behind that is the single cup holder for the back seat passengers to fight over. There aren’t any lock buttons on any of the doors, only the FOB buttons and a single button on the center console, that even when I push it to unlock, it locks my friends out and they think I’m messing with them, as I’m triple tapping it to unlock all unknowingly and they are pulling the handle at the same time. -_- Another annoyance is, sorry animal lovers, unless you are fine with dogs on the actual seats, when the rear seats are folded forward, it doesn’t lay flat, which is expected out of such a small hatchback “Hyundai Accent-esque” vehicle. I can get my plus sized (fat-ish) American Bulldog/German Shorthair mix to lay in the trunk space for a few minutes before she tries to stand and get comfortable again. There is only one blind spot when driving in revers, it takes a little but to get used to if your mirrors are adjusted accordingly. one last annoyance is that there are two random little places for not really anything to fit other than a lighter… They couldn’t make it big enough for a wallet or phone? The stock rims are a little ugly, but that’s just FORD.


Back to the positives the stock Audio is great. I’m a music enthusiast, I love all genres and types, and being able to connect my phone via Bluetooth Is a great advantage. The system bumps more than it needs to when bass is tuned to the max, and re adjusted accordingly. Has AM/FM, CD, Satellite radio (if upgraded), Bluetooth, it has hill assist, and traction control for when it’s icy, automatic windows, absolute best heat and ac, sunglasses holder, extra cup holders in each front door that can fit large water bottles, click in place drivers foot mat so it doesn’t slip under the clutch, and I’m sure I am missing much much more.

If you have made it this far into my review, I thoroughly thank you, and advise you to purchase this vehicle. It is one of the cheapest, most reliable and affordable vehicles on the market. It is worth financing it new and getting a loan on. I absolutely love the way it corners, accelerates, and responds to my every command when I tell it to.


Dealer Suggested Retail $9,625.00 Used
Private Party Value $8,750.00 Used

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