2016 Corvette ZO6 Convertible Review

Hard to believe the US companies can make a good car after all the years of garbage quality, fit/finish, mismanagement, etc. The C7 generation is a stepped improvement in all aspects and is now at least competitive with the German competition. I have never owned one until know and always had world class supercars from others but I have to say this is a great vehicle and NO ONE can touch the performance bang for the buck. I usually have to pay 2x the price.

The ZO6 convertible is the model I chose because I wanted a rag top. It is supremely divine, very fast but the not fastest I’ve had but still in the top 3, had great and aggressive looks all combined make it a great vehicle. Now if Chevy and GM would fix the dealership experience from sales to service that would help. They are still in the 80’s in terms of learning how to deliver superior customer service. GM MUST consider making their highline cars, like this and others, a world class buying and servicing experience. They are missing a decent percent of the market because of the dealer and service. Not a hard fix but one that would require diligence and intestinal fortitude from senior leadership.

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