2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 3LZ Review and Comparison

I had a 2010 Grand Sport and loved it! This 2016 Z06 3LZ loaded is amazing! There are so many refinements between the years. The electronics have gotten faster, easier and better. With a recent trip to Ron Fellows driving school, I can say this car has world class power and handling. I’ve owned BMW, Porsche and Mercedes vehicles. I don’t get any rattles or strange noises that use to be present in previous years.
This car seems to have it all! If you have owned a Porsche or Mercedes and have taken it to a dealer for service, you probably won’t get the “kiss your but” service you are use to at the others. It’s still a Chevy, so don’t expect free drinks and sandwiches, or use of another car while you get your oil change.
Still amazed at the level of personalize settings this car has. You can adjust how easy or hard the steering can feel, how soft or stiff the suspension feels, how much or little the rear differential can slip, how loud or quiet the exhaust can get. Not to mention the three different dash screens with multiple settings in each one. Actually, I don’t think I have been in another car with this much control. And you can expect a level of performance that is not matched by other makers for the price.
Dealer Suggested Retail $66,325.00 Used
Private Party Value $63,900.00 Used

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