2015 Toyota Prius Three Review Price


Best car I’ve ever had & I’ve owned over 10 thru the years: sedans, minivans, 2 sports cars, GMs, Fords, Kias, Renault, Chrysler, etc. The prius has very,very low maintenance costs. Gets 50.7 MPG (I’ve never reset the “B” tripometer & like to let it go) thru 44k miles highway & city. Nice drive. These cars are known to easily get 200k miles with no problems & very little costs. Google it to see.

This is the 2nd Prius that I have owned. The 1st was a 2011 with about 60,000 miles that I traded in on the 2015 Persona edition. I have put about 38,000 miles on the 2015 and I have never had any mechanical problems on either car. The ride is comfortable and you can average about 50 miles per gallon if you drive sensibly. I have driven numerous makes and models of cars over the last 57 years, and the Prius is the best all around car that I have ever owned.

When looking for a replacement for our 2008 Prius we looked at the 2016 but didn’t like it. The slightly lower seating position, white accents, loss of some storage compartments, and more turned us off. The new 2015 was on sale for $19K. We couldn’t refuse.

The total miles on our 2008 and 2015 Prius is about 200K miles with zero problems. I mean not so much as a loose screw. Neither car were ever in the shop for any kind of repair. These cars are amazingly reliable.

Sadly for us Toyota is going in a direction we don’t want to go. They have taken an already radical design that isn’t good looking, and have gone too radical for us, both in outside looks and inside components.

We have our eyes on the Hyundai Ionic and Kia Niro lines for our next car. To us they just look more normal. I have no complaints about the drive-a-bility of the Prius. It gets great mpg (we average about 52mpg combined), and is super reliable. But the Hyundai and Kia lines are less expensive, get better mileage, and look better.

Dealer Suggested Retail 
$17,700.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$16,750.00 Used
Key Features & Specs
EPA Classification  Mid-Size Cars
MPG/MPGe  48 Highway / 51 City
Engine  Gas/Electric I-4 1.8L/110 cu in
Transmission  CVT w/OD
Drive Train  Front Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  134
Overall Crash Safety Rating  4 / 5 Stars

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