2015 Kia Optima review and price

The KIA Optima ( known as the K5 globally) is great value. Performance is impressive, with a smooth and quick powerband. Turbo lag is not too bad and is not an issue in manual mode. The only knock I’d give the K5 is the tendency to over steer when diving into hard on camber turns. Many reviewers have noted this. If you are not driving this vehicle “hard” it might not be noticeable. Personally I opted to add front tower sway bar and rear sway bars from Ultimate Racing. The results where dramatic, less body role and the steering is greatly improved.
The interior is slick and laid out with the driver in mind. Overall I’m happy with this vehicle, I’m a progressive driver and enjoy the ride.

2015 Optima Hybrid, drives like a sports car. Good suspension and responsive power when needed. Interior fit and finish is excellent. Averaging a combine 35.5 mpg and still in break in stage ( less than 2500 miles driven). Only issue to date is the poor night visibility due to the short frontal coverage of the headlights, although somewhat improved when high beams are used.

The dealer checked the headlight alignment and could not make any adjustments to improve the headlight coverage without violating the state DOT headlight aiming standard. This appears to be a design flaw that has been recently exposed for many auto models by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. One has to ask where our Federal regulators have been in addressing this issue which appears to be widespread and known for many years. As usual the regulators are dragging their heels in resolving this issue leaving the driving public exposed to possible injury or death while they procrastinate. I guess we are expected to do all our driving during daylight hours.

EPA Classification  Mid-Size Cars
MPG/MPGe  39 Highway / 35 City
Engine  Gas/Electric I-4 2.4L/144 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Front Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  199
Overall Crash Safety Rating  5 / 5 Stars
Dealer Suggested Retail 
$17,125.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$16,150.00 Used

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