2015 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.0 V8 FX4 Review and Price

I purchased my 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.0 V8 FX4 in July of 2015. This truck is BEAUTIFUL and the technology upgrades are unsurpassed by other manufacturers at this point. The leather seating is very comfortable and have heated and cooled seats. The AC seats don’t work perfectly, but they do help to cool you off on a hot day. The push button start is a nice touch as well. The main reason I purchased this model instead of a different manufacturer was due to the roominess, it truly is a Crew Cab truck with plenty of room for 5 full grown men to be comfortable; even 6 adults of average size can ride comfortably.

If you are thinking about purchasing this vehicle then I would recommend you opt for the larger 36 gallon tank instead of the standard 23 gallon tank. It is definitely worth it. I track my mileage with an app called “Road Trip” and it takes perfect measures of your actual mileage. I drive this daily and go from back roads to the interstate with a 34 mile roundtrip commute to work and I currently average 16.16 miles per gallon overall. The standard tank would only allow for about 350 miles driven before needing to be refilled but I am able to average well over 500 miles per tank with the extended tank.

Another item worth mentioning is the twin-panel sunroof. This thing is MONSTEROUS and it makes for a great conversation piece. No other truck on the market has a sunroof like this and when fully open the rear passengers can enjoy the sky same as those in front. The power rear window is ok, but I do wish it would roll completely down behind the rear seats like the Tundra, instead of just having a small square to slide over.

The Good:
Large GPS touchscreen that is easy to navigate
HUGE interior with enough rear legroom for a man 6’6 to sit comfortably in the back seat. Not kidding.
Lariat package includes many additional amenities (push button start, remote start, tailgate release button, heated steering wheel, leather. heated and cooled seats)
4×4 is seamless and can be switched on the fly instead of coming to a stop and shifting to neutral.

The Bad:
The transmission has a serious problem when shifting between 2-3-4 gear on a hill. It will SLAM into gear and literally lunge everyone in the vehicle forward causing passengers to ask: “what on earth did we hit?” This is a known problem and Ford needs to address it immediately. I am leasing this vehicle and plan to turn it in at the end of the lease due to this issue, I’m afraid the transmission may lock up completely one day.

There are multiple buttons on the steering wheel, which is neat, but after 1 year of use the audio controls are noticeably weaker. I only have 11,750 miles on the truck, at around 50,000 miles I would imagine the buttons will be completely worn out.

The truck is almost too light when driving in slick conditions. If you live in a climate that has snow then you’ll NEED the 4×4. My avalanche was only 2 wheel drive and did fine in most KY snowstorms, but this truck needs the 4×4 with light snow. The 4×4 is great when engaged.

The Lariat package has fog lights that do not match the blue headlights. The headlights are the cool looking bluish lights that help you see better at night, so it would be nice to have matching fog lights as well. I do not use my fog lights because they honestly look silly when they are on in comparison to the headlight color. However, I did see a Platinum F-150 with fog lights that matched the headlights, so I guess that is available on the next higher package.

In conclusion, this truck is great. Other than the transmission problem I have no real complaints. It is a head turner anywhere I go and is more than enough power for any job I need it to do. If you are in the market for one of these I would highly recommend considering the 3.5L ecoboost as it gets better mileage and is a stronger engine. Definitely get the larger fuel tank, and no matter what be sure to get 4×4. I was able to lease mine with only $3k down at about $500 per month, and that was on a sticker price of $57,800. Be sure to work a good deal with the dealership, and best of luck, I hope my review was helpful.


MPG/MPGe  22 Highway / 15 City
Engine  Regular Unleaded V-8 5.0L/302 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Rear Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  385
Overall Crash Safety Rating  5 / 5 Stars
Wheel Base  145
Dealer Suggested Retail 
$36,775.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$35,875.00 Used

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