2011 Chevrolet Camaro Review and Price

The 2011 Chevy Camaro is an amazing type of machine. This car handles properly if it is treated correctly. This was my first car and I can say that for High Schooler this is a perfect car for a respectful and responsible person. This car does however, have some faults. Since the car is a sports muscle car it is not the best gas-saving car. If you are constantly driving the car you are looking at filling up the gas tank every 2 weeks. and that is around 50 bucks to fill up the gas tank but that varies where you live.

Another fault of the car is that the hood is pretty big leaving the front window view to a small area. With this you can’t see the front of the car and you have to estimate for most of the part how close you are to a parking stub that is in front of you and other objects when parking. A positive of the car however is that it runs very efficiently when driving on the free way. Also, when driving this car you do have some style and once in a while you will get eyes turned to you!

Another thing to consider is that insurance for this car can be high however if you monitor gas mileage and use it for tax returns you can save some money. Overall this car is amazing as long as you take car of this car as long as you dont rev the engine often and dont speed. You will get pull over most likely if your car is a flashy color like red, yellow or green. Gray black and white colors tend to not get pulled over as much.

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EPA Classification Compact
MPG/MPGe 28 Highway / 17 City
Engine Gas V6 3.6L/217 cu in
Transmission Manual
Drive Train Rear wheel drive
Seating 4
Horsepower 312

Dealer Suggested Retail $10,600.00 Used
Private Party Value $9,600.00 Used

9 Total Score
So very very aggressive (yet lovable)!!

I have wanted one of these since high school, then they stopped making them, then they came back oh-so-pretty (thank you Transformers!). I have the Camaro 2SS (standard/manual transmission) and I dearly love it! It's fun as heck to drive, the gears occasionally transition oddly but that's probably because this is my first standard vehicle so I am not adept at shifting. ALL kinds of fun,I would recommend EITHER the standard or the automatic but seriously, if you wish to drive it in rush-hour like conditions save yourself the hatred of other people and just buy an automatic.

Reviewed in the United States
  • *The HUD is absolutely beautiful, I love being able to see my speed and music at the same time without taking my eyes off the road!
  • *NPP exhaust is SICK on the V6!! (Pulled fuse so the valves always stay open even at interstate speeds)
  • *Apple CarPlay works just how imagined it would, flawlessly and fluid.
  • *Sunroof is wonderful
  • *The gold illuminated front bow tie is extremely classy and looks amazing in person, the pictures don't do it justice. It turns heads all the time everywhere.
  • *Quick changing from Sirius XM to iPhone music, this was a HUGE pain in the ass in the Mustang.
  • *Heated steering wheel/heated seats/ventilated seats are all extremely useful features.
  • *Barely any storage space at all whatsoever. None in the center console, none in the glovebox, and none in the side doors. The trunk isn't wide but it is deep. Not even under the mat in the trunk where a spare tire is usually kept barely had any room. The Mustang had ample space in all the above
  • *No sunglass holder..the Mustang had a super cool drawer compartment that came out near the steering wheel which was also padded.
  • *No designated cutout for USB from center console. You can sort of shut it on the cord and it seems like that's how they made it but could have had a little cutout, again, the Mustang had it.
  • *I wish the steering wheel could be altered the way the Mustang was, the feel was set to "Comfort" and I could literally turn the wheel with my pinky, there was barely any effort.
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