2005 GMC Yukon Review Price

Performed wonderfully well. Has all the luxury features which make it extremely comfortable, upgraded sound system, in the lap of luxury. Vehicle has over 100,000 on it and have not had any issues – just routine maintenance and normal work like brakes, hoses, batteries, etc. Two negatives are 1) low gas mileage. I get as high as 17 mpg on the freeway, average around 14 in town, but it drops to 9 or 10’when towing my 4,400 pound trailer, and 2) there seems to be a higher than normal draw on the battery which, if the vehicle sits too long without running, will drain the battery. I have solved this with a battery tender. Overall, very comfortable SUV, great to drive, and extremely comfortable.
These GMC Yukon Denali are very nice vehicles. Have far more luxury than is needed or is practical. Remember the more items installed, the more that break and need repaired or replaced. There is nothing the average person can fix or service on these cars, even if you have been a mechanic in the past. EVERYTHING and I mean everything is computer controlled and requires a dealer fix and computer rescan and update, appx $150.00 every time something blinks. Amazing how much a person can spend just keeping these problem free.

I suggest leasing for 3 years then re-lease another new one that way,if you want this type of luxury you will never need to fix anything, but plan on paying appx $700.00 a month for a lease. I love mine because I am one of those mechanic guys but have realized all that I have mentioned here and will never buy another one. Just can’t afford $70,000.00 to buy and don’t need all the luxury. A simple Suburban or Tahoe wit AC will do just fine.

Dealer Suggested Retail 
$11,075.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$10,400.00 Used
Key Features & Specs
MPG/MPGe  17 Highway / 13 City
Engine  Gas V8 6.0L/364 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  All Wheel Drive
Seating  8
Horsepower  335

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