2004 Toyota Corolla Review Price

This little car is so reliable. It has 290,000 miles now and it just won’t die. I have never replaced anything, just the routine maintenance. It has never stranded me, except with a flat tire once or twice. It runs like a dream. The A/C went out but the labor to replace the condenser is huge so likely it will never be fixed. I just run it in the winter now and use my real car for the summer months. My daughter will get her license in 6 years and I keep telling her this will be her car and I fully believe it will still be running like a champ when she is ready for it.

The 2004 Toyota Corolla was the first year Toyota began using Timing Chains in the Corolla Engine Blocks. This resulted in no required maintenance for replacing Timing Belts usually about every 90,000 miles which would have resulted in additional maintenance cost. You did however need to replace the Serpentine Belt every 90,000 miles. This was clever by Toyota to reduce the number of fan belts in the Corolla. The only parts I replaced were the Oxygen Sensors which set off the Check Engine Light at 180,000 miles. NEVER had any motor oil, trans fluid or radiator fluid leaks. The 2004 Corolla is a hard working vehicle no matter how hard you run it. I’ve run over pipes, poles, lumber & tire shred on the freeway and nothing stopped or damaged my Corolla. It ran & ran every day!

As long as you change the motor oil every 5,000 miles & transmission fluid every 15,000 to 20,000 miles, this car will run for years. I did all the motor oil & transmission fluid changes because it was easy to do on this Corolla. My brother now owns my 2004 Corolla & has driven an additional 50,000+ miles in the last 3 years. He hasn’t had any problems. The original power door locks & key less entry remotes still work. The sunroof is still operational although the rubber gasket seal needs replacing. Naturally with any aging car, parts will need replacing. The only not so positive review I’ve been made aware is This Corolla has the Air Bags that are Under Recall. Other than that critical issue I would rank this car as a 5 star for used vehicles.


Key Features & Specs
EPA Classification  Compact
MPG/MPGe  38 Highway / 29 City
Engine  Gas I4 1.8L/108 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Front Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  130

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