2001 Chrysler Town Reviews and Price

2001 Chrysler Town Reviews. We just got this van in January of 2011. It had been owned by my husbands brother since it was new and has only 37,000 miles on it. For most of it’s 10 years of life, it sat in a mountain town of Colorado. Nevertheless, when we got it, the back tailgate door would not open automatically and the side doors work sporadically. The main cup holder in the front is broken, and 2 days ago the AC started hissing and now has stopped working entirely. I am taking it in to the mechanic tomorrow, and hope it just needs recharging.


How could the compressor be shot at only 37,000 miles? My husband and I have been hit hard by the recession, so we hope to be able to get many miles out of this van.

List Price Estimate
$2,043 – $3,511

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