1998 Toyota Corolla Review Price

Its Corolla, Toyota’s Bread & Butter they can’t compromise on its quality and craftsmanship, worlds best selling car, not necessary the most attractive, but hands down, the most durable, reliable and trustworthy vehicle in last 30Years.

Never broke down. Have driven over mountains and deserts, snow and ice, extreme heat and cold without problem. Minor tuneup at 100k miles and oil change every 4-7k miles. Almost at 200k miles now, but still running good. The most dependable car I have ever driven.

Since I drive so much, I absolutely refuse to drive down the highway with a shakey steering wheel or pulsing brake pedal. To combat this, I purchased 4 Special Edition alloy wheels from Tire Rack with 4 General Altimax RT43 mounted with metal clamp-on valve stems. I also purchased 2 more of these wheels with the General Altimax Winter tires mounted (for winter driving).

To get the brakes to be reliable, I purchased 2 brand new front caliper and modified them slightly to accept grease in the sliders without removing them. I only use Wagner’s best ceramic Thermo-Quiet brake pads and I install new front rotors twice a year.

I also did the suspension and front-end over consisting of 4 Bilstein B4 shocks and new road springs (that are NOT lowered- I need stock ride height to get over the large bump at the end of my driveway.

The new front end consists of all Proforged ball and tie rod joints, new control arms with Urathane bushings and an excellent front end alignment. I just put in a new exhaust, but I don’t consider this an upgrade.

For lighting, I installed 2 new headlight fixtures and replaced the standard halogen bulbs with OPT7 high intensity LED bulbs. These have truly improved the lighting significantly. One mod I made was to the Daylight Running Lights… I can now shut them off whenever I want to. With the flick of a switch, they are no longer automatic, unless I want them to be.

The brake lights on the Corona are sub-par from the factory IMHO, so I installed 2 super bright LED bulbs from China as well as the interior dome light. All 3 bulbs are sick bright.

For interior things, let’s see… oh, I installed a Sony Bluetooth stereo which pairs to my iPhone which sits in a powered cradle I permanently mounted the dash.

I also had a Viper Remote Starter installed at Best Buy, which is one of the best and smartest things I’ve ever bought.

I have installed lots of small mods and repairs, like a Fomoto Oil Drain Valve is now on the oil pan so I don’t need tools to do an oil change, and a heated car seat and under hood lighting and carbon fiber instrument cluster bezel and a consul pen holder and I recently repaired my directional lever stalk switch and the passerger front automatic door lock and changed out several dash bulbs, and installed a camber adjuster on one rear wheel and replaced the front wheel bearings and axles, yada, yada, yada….


Key Features & Specs
EPA Classification  Compact
MPG/MPGe  36 Highway / 28 City
Engine  Gas I4 1.8L/108 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Front Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  120

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