1998 Toyota 4Runner Review Price

So the 1996-2002 generation 3 toyota 4runner’s are all mostly the same, depending on your package. Basic , limited and SR5. The Sr5 2wd v6 3.4l is in 1998,is almost the beesKnees of the non-luxury vehicle market. Not a gass guzzler as long as you take care of it. It’s kinda funny when you go to a junk yard, but it seems like every 4rnnr there: has a Front passanger impact on it. Like there must just be some eternal blind spot the I’ve never scene, lol. Own one, buy one, get one for each of your kids. They will last forever and retain their value more than that Michael kors purse you had to buy for xmas.

Excellent mid-size SUV, great on-road and off-road. Good parts availability even though it is an older model, and mine has been very reliable. Capable of running for high mileages without giving any problems. I prefer almost every aspect of mine over my previous XTerra and Cherokee.
Mine now has a mix of Old Man Emu and Toytec suspension + Kumho mud tires, winch etc., performs great on medium trails with no loss of highway performance, and continues to be reliable. Difficult to imagine changing this for any other car.

It’s peppy for a V6 and can handle oversize tires without killing the fuel mileage. It is equipped with two lockers for genuine off road capability. My 4Runner actually sat for almost two years because we had other vehicles available and just didn’t use it. I started driving it again last winter and all we had to do it was put in a new battery and some fresh gas, and it’s been going strong for the last six months. I forgot how much I love these little SUVs. It gets warm incredibly fast, which is needed in cold climates. 178,000 miles on it now and still just minor maintenance needed to keep it on the road. I’ll probably have this car forever.



Key Features & Specs
EPA Classification  Special Purpose
MPG/MPGe  21 Highway / 17 City
Engine  Gas V6 3.4L/207 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Rear Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  183

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